Do I need it?

Research shows, that having a bad website is just like not having one at all, or maybe even worse.
Nowadays just about 75% of websites are outdated, boring or generally bad and about 1 in 5 businesses do not have their own websites. So the chances are that
You need it!

What we do?

WEB Doctors will analyze Your website and draft a solution, how to modernize it.
On top of that they will keep taking complete care of it, including updates, copywriting, SEO optimization, server administration, domain registration - basically anything and everything that needs to be done around running websites.

Redesign & Programming


All prices and services shown below are provided monthly and additional hours of assistance cost $A45 charged by minute. We are happy to offer individual pricing for large or multiple projects as well as for our long-term partners.
We provide 10% discount on yearly subscription paid up front. We are not Australian GST payers.

Service Nurse A$25 Paramedic A$70 Physician A$140 Surgeon A$200
Hosting (servers)
Assistance * 1/2 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours
Backup Daily Daily Daily
Consultation 1/2 year 1/4 year monthly

* Assistance hours can be used for anything - SEO optimisation, setting up PC at your office or sweeping the floor - it is entirely up to you

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